Latest Work

On this page I introduce some of my newest images made in recent weeks and months while out in the field. Some of these will eventually make it into the main ‘Images’ galleries and will become available for purchase. There will be artist proof prints available prior to this at my gallery however should something really catch your eye. New work can also be seen on my Facebook page, just click on the button at the top of the page to visit.

September 2018

With a busy gallery to maintain and an elderly relative suffering some major health issues in recent months I have found myself with very little time to get out and about with my camera. To be honest June, July and August are my least active months photographically anyway and this years prolonged heatwave would have seen me hiding away in the cool for much of the day. I am now itching, no aching to get back out again with my cameras and there are some very exciting times ahead as I will soon be getting hold of a vehicle I can sleep in which will open up a wealth of possibilities that I have frustratingly never been able to achieve.

So, expect much more content in the coming months as I head up North to fulfil many unfinished projects in Scotland and also into Wales to explore more of the border region as well as my favourite mountains. Iceland is back on the menu this November too with a longer visit than last year and all the advantages that using my Cambo Actus will bring. I can’t wait for that.

In the meantime here are a few images from The Faroe Islands which I visited back in early May.

Faroese Coastline

Bour, Vagar.



Evening Light.

On Slættaratindur