In Iceland Part 2.

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Gari and I were sat in Grundarfjörður at the Kaffi Emil enjoying what was undoubtedly the best coffee we had drunk all week. It was Saturday morning, the start of our fifth full day, and we had just been enjoying a superb sunrise with Kirkjufell taking centre stage. Parked beside our white Dacia Duster another grey Duster hire car sat with a huge dent in the rear door and panel. Across the room from us a young English couple sat in glum silence, the only other customers in the cafe. ‘That’s bound to put the dampers on your holiday’ I commented to Gari, ‘let’s...

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Iceland, a long awaited first visit. ( 1 of 2)

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‘Would you like to take out extra insurance to lower your excess in the case on an accident?’ the man behind the desk at the care hire office asked. ‘No thank you, I’m sure I’ll be ok’ I replied. I had after all been hiring vehicles for three or four weeks a year for the past ten years or so without a problem. ‘It’s not your driving you need to worry about’ he responded ‘ it’s the locals you need to look out for’……. For many years I had been hoping to travel North from the UK again. My last trip had been in...

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On slow progress.

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A couple of days ago Facebook popped up one of those ‘Happy Memories’ images on my timeline. The photograph, taken from near the summit of Cadair Idris fifty three weeks ago served to remind me that yet another year had gone by with little forward progress on most of my personal projects.   May 2017 saw my last wild camp in Wales although I had planned to do at least ten last year. What happened in the end was that my Mother had to move in with us while she searched for a new home having had a sale fall through. The original plan had been to stay only two weeks but this ended...

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Trading wood for metal, a difficult decision made.

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After nearly a year of agonising and constant changes of mind I have finally made the decision ( for now) to place both feet firmly in the digital photography camp. I’ve been fighting it but to be honest I have found myself shooting less and less film since investing in my Sony A7r and now I have the means to make my digital photography as enjoyable and engaging as Large Format has been over the last fourteen years. During that time I have shot about 16,000 sheets of film, the emulsion ( mostly Velvia) and the cameras ( Ebony RSW45, Ebony 45su, Shen Hao and Chamonix 045F-1) whipping me...

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Welsh Mountain Diary 1

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It has always seemed to take a titanic effort to organise my time to a point where photography can take a front seat in my schedule. Owning and running a gallery where I am printing and framing my own and other artist’s work, organising and leading workshops and tours and of course a myriad of domestic necessities have meant that time out with a camera ( and other creative pursuits such as writing) have often been postponed. For now I seem to have managed to achieve a balance that allows me the time to head into the hills on up to five days of every week and manage the other elements...

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Isle of Mull Tour 2016

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I’m delighted to announce this tour to the Isle of Mull, one of my very favourite places and an island that played a key role in my becoming a landscape photographer full time back in the early noughties. Full details are available on the workshops page of this website along with a selection of images ( more to be added in the coming days- they’re just on the wrong hard-drive in the wrong location). Based on the Ross of Mull in a hotel exclusively for our use we shall concentrate our attention on the the rugged, yet peaceful Southwest corner including the Isle of Iona

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