Photographic Tours and Tuition

I am available for one to one bespoke tuition from half day to full week to suit you. Please visit the dedicated page


I genuinely believe that Britain offers some of the finest landscape to be found anywhere in the world. Its once lofty mountains have been ground down and weathered over many millions of years, their now rugged and aged appearance giving character that few younger hills can offer. Blessed to lie in the path of the Gulf Stream the climate is mild and wet providing the perfect environment for lush woodland that fills the valley floors and feels its way up the deep gullies that protect young foliage from the grazing sheep and deer.

The land has been shaped also by Man’s activity since the ice retreated some eleven thousand years ago. Evidence can be found everywhere, from the monumental standing stones and chambered cairns to the Runrigs and sky roofed cottages that can be found in every corner of this historic land.

My forthcoming workshops will be taking place in North Wales and Scotland although I am available to guide you one to one wherever you wish to travel. With sixteen years of constant photographic discovery under my belt and a lifetime spent heading out into the hills I will always endeavour to take you to some of the finest (and often relatively undiscovered) locations. I have a deep knowledge of the landscapes of Snowdonia, The Lake District, The Peak District, The West Highlands and Islands of Scotland, The Shropshire Hills and Welsh Borders. Closer to home the industrial landscapes a wonderful woodland around Ironbridge, The Wrekin and Wenlock Edge and the Wyre Forest provide perfect locations for one day sessions. Group sizes for one day workshops average four with a maximum of five clients to ensure that we can access smaller, more intimate locations without compromise. On tour I prefer numbers to no higher than six to provide plenty of one to one time with everyone.

I now mostly use Sony Alpha series mirrorless digital cameras with a wide range of lenses and tilt shift technology including the superb Cambo Actus View Camera System and am well placed to assist with all your needs whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran having worked with Canon and Nikon Dslr’s, Pentax and Nikon 35mm film cameras, Pentax 67 medium format and Panasonic Micro 4/3rds cameras and of course 5×4 film. I also have plenty of experience of film processing and post processing using Photoshop and Lightroom.

After dark or if the weather turns against us we will spend time at our accommodation where we will take part in friendly critique sessions and I will give tutorials on digital workflow for fine printing.

I look forward to travelling with you  in the near future. In the meantime I hope you enjoy the slide shows I have prepared for each of my tours.

Current tours :

There are no current tours listed while I concentrate on a book project and in fine tuning my gallery. Next tour will take place in Autumn 2020, details to be confirmed.