I have been printing, mounting and framing my ( and others’) photographs for fifteen years now. During this time I have, through trial and error and with some guidance, developed a workflow that I feel helps me realise my vision on paper.

A good workflow specifically for print is essential and this should begin before you have even pressed the shutter on your camera. After all, good exposure and a well focused image will make post processing far easier and much more enjoyable.

During these two to three hour workshops I will explain and demonstrate my print workflow using a combination of tools in both Lightroom and Photoshop. This will help you to create accurate print files both for home printing or if you choose to send your prints to me to print here at my gallery.

We will also discuss paper types and their suitability for different styles of images in order that you can make better informed printing decisions and avoid costly mistakes.








You will receive detailed printflow worksheets to take away and use as you develop your own custom post processing methods over the coming months and years.

Workshops start at 7pm and the first three will take place on;

Thursday 5th July 7-9.30.  Places available

Tuesday 7th August 7-9.30. Places available

Sunday 2nd September 4.30-7.00. Places available

Maximum of four clients per session. Workshops take place at Six Seasons Gallery, Maws Craft Centre, Jackfield. if you need any further information or would prefer to book your own 1-1 session at a more convenient time.