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June 24th 2018  Shropshire midsummer sunset walk, Cardington/Hope Bowdler.

This walk starts at 4pm on Sunday the 24th of June and will see us strolling along beautiful country lanes and out onto the slopes of Caer Caradoc and\or Hope Bowdler Hill for late light and sunset. Our walk back will be accompanied by the sweet smell of Honeysuckle and the wonderful sounds of dusk in a rural setting.

Four places available.



Full day workshops are six to eight hours long with a focus on making strong images in any given light. These are aimed at photographers of all standards from beginners who need hands on help with camera settings for outdoor photography to advanced photographers who want to be taken to great, fully researched locations.

On any workshop what camera you own is irrelevant ( it’s what you do with it that counts). I do however recommend that you use a sturdy tripod for all your landscape work, particularly as this will allow you to continue working in low light. To those of you not used to working off a tripod this may at first seem to be slowing you down and perhaps getting in the way but working slower is a good thing. In fact landscape photography is all about connecting with the location and I spend time on the workshops encouraging you to slow down, relax and in doing so become more receptive to images in all environments. If you do need help with your camera however I have used and have experience of all the major brands including Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Ricoh, Pentax, Ebony, Chamonix etc

Maximum group size for each day is six.

PRICE £50.00 Full Day 6-8 hours



Camera Walk