Limited Edition Prints

Hestmona from Tonnes Pier.

A limited edition of three prints.



The 125 mile drive from my accommodation to this location

was full of fabulous views many of which I stopped

and enjoyed but the view of the island offshore came

highly recommended and on arrival I wasn’t disappointed.

A great spire of a mountain stabbing at the sky.
The best foreground I could find was this fabulous pier

so I set up my large format camera and carefully focussed

using my usual rear tilt to strengthen the foreground. I loaded the film and was just about to shoot when a huge ferry pulled up

and obscured the view for thirty minutes. By the time

it had gone so had the light and my image. No choice

but to drive the 125 miles back to base.

The next evening I decided to have another go but this

time sadly the cloud was low hiding the peak. I felt that

the colour contrast was sufficient to shoot two sheets of

film before the ferry arrived again.

Five hundred miles of driving for a photo of some wooden

planks but I did get to see a Wolverine cross the road on

my drive back that night. Why did it do that?