Scottish Mainland

Allt a’Bhalachainn

Limited edition of twenty five prints. Four remaining.

A well made path zigzags it’s way up the initial steep
slopes of The Cobbler from near the main car park at the

head of Loch Long. On my first visit I didn’t know about

this and parked beside the old ruined pier and abandoned

houses further up the road. From here a far less trodden

path dives into the undergrowth and works it’s way up

through steep forest plantation roughly following the

burn and eventually emerging to join the official path

up near the Narnain Boulder. Only a few minutes in I could

here what was clearly a decent waterfall but with

no sign of it I wandered until I found myself looking twenty

feet down into this plunge pool. The descent was

difficult with a Lowepro Supertrekker on my back and a

tripod in one hand. Finally I arrived on a very narrow ledge

and was able to inch along it until I faced the waterfall across

the pool. Two of the tripod legs had to extend down the

three feet to the bed of the pebble filled basin because

there simple wasn’t space for me and the camera on the ledge.