Latest Work

On this page I introduce some of my newest images made in recent weeks and months while out in the field. Some of these will eventually make it into the main ‘Images’ galleries and will become available for purchase. There will be artist proof prints available prior to this at my gallery however should something really catch your eye. New work can also be seen on my Facebook page, just click on the button at the top of the page to visit.

August 2016

This month has seen my first ever visit to the Isle of Man which sits far out in the Irish Sea and offers splendid views to Galloway in Scotland and the Mountains of Mourne in the Southeast corner of Northern Ireland. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and given that we were taking a weeks holiday following a family wedding I chose to travel light with only my Sony A7r and two Canon lenses.

Weather was mixed but never stormy although I did have the good fortune to visit Niarbyl Bay when the light really suited my style. The geology was striking, this is a place where two tectonic plates meet according to a video I watched in the clifftop cafe.

The drive over from our accommodation took about 30 minutes but I did make the mistake of driving down a very long single track driveway to do a three point turn in someone’s front garden. This small delay allowed two local fishermen to get down on the shoreline just before me which with hindsight was a good thing as I was forced to find stronger foreground among the rock strata higher up.

Within 30 minutes the fishermen had gone leaving the whole location to me in the afterglow. Exposure times were up to 30 seconds at this point and with a warm onshore breeze it was necessary to provide as much shelter for the camera as I could. Seagulls were now roosting on the rocks in front of me but they obliged by standing completely still for each of my three or four 30 second exposures.

June 2016

These two images were taken on the same walk up and over Glyder Fach in late June. The very start of a major new project for me I was blessed with sensational conditions. It is rare to make what will probably turn out to be my best image from a location on my first visit but here on the high ridge line I was able to capture an angle of view and the kind of light I had been hoping, and planning for.

After a restless night in my tent on the summit I emerged at 4.10 am to this view looking East along the Ogwen Valley. Very soon after this the cloud swept up and over my position obscuring any view for the next hour or so. I decided to descend back to civilisation and arrived back at my car at 8.30am, just as many of the day’s hillwalkers were setting out.

June 2016

About twice a month I’ll take a walk around the back streets of Ironbridge or my home town of Bridgnorth. There’s always something new to discover and being a footpath bagger I will always take a new path if I find one. Just across the road from the Merrythought bear factory there is a lane, off of which is a drive and off of that is a incredible steep wooden staircase that takes you rapidly to viewpoint overlooking the valley where in Victorian times a rotunda was sited with what must have been dramatic views up and down the Ironbridge Gorge and Coalbrookdale with all the industry laid out below.

The rotunda is no more and from the viewpoint very little is visible due to the complete forestation of the hillsides. The is a very nice glimpse of the Ironbridge itself which would make for a nice image were it not for just one branch of an Ash tree. Telescopic loppers would be the only way to deal with this as it hangs out over a precipice. There is much more for me to explore up there yet with footpaths everywhere but the view above of the cooling towers which is taken over rooftops shows how much is now hidden by verdant growth.

The Severn Valley Railway can always provide me with hours of fun too and throws up new abstracts every time I go. I can hear the steam trains from my house which often acts as a timely reminder to make a visit. This was taken one an overcast day last week ( July) and I failed to check my watch so very nearly had my car locked in behind security gates at 5pm .