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I’m currently facing another (hopefully short) period of time where I will be without a vehicle. Tomorrow, the M.O.T on my car expires and it will cost five times the vehicle’s current market value ( being a pre 2010 diesel car) to bring it up to a point where it is roadworthy. I don’t want to pour money into a car I was planning to chop in for something I can travel and sleep in from September so I’m walking away now.


Tracks after rain


Garden Gate













Being a car-less photographer isn’t new to me. It has happened twice already since 2011 when the cam belt on a Renault Scenic broke putting it off the road for four months. In 2014 the same car had to be scrapped and I didn’t have the means to replace it. On both occasions the initial reaction was that it would be disastrous for my photography but the reality was that it was liberating in that it took away choice and allowed me to focus on my (very) local patch for a while.


Eye of the storm



Sun Turbine












Back in 2011 my ‘local patch’ included a fair few miles of sensational Scottish coastline, a 1000 ft high hill overlooking the Firth of Lorn and Loch Etive and miles of forestry tracks. Hardly difficult to find subject matter then. The two and a half hour walk to work at my studio took me through all of this terrain.


Mad Horse

Two gates, two trees












In 2014 being car-less meant walking lanes local to Bridgnorth and one in particular provided me with the means to disconnect from the stresses and strains, stretch my legs and escape. The lane runs from Tasley via Haughton and Linley to Willey with offshoots taking me to Shirlett and Barrow and has been the subject of many photographs in recent years.


Winter copse.

Storm front.

Hurst Farm



















I feel that I need to know a place really well before I can produce meaningful images, having no commercial pressure really helps as I don’t go hunting for images but simply find them while I’m out walking with my cameras. This approach has served me well over the years, with no preconceived ideas I’m free to be open to anything that presents itself and I rarely fail to return from a walk with an image or two I’m quite pleased with.















My initial walks to Haughton and back (twelve kilometres) have now extended to take cover twenty or more taking in rolling countryside, ancient byways, woodland rich with coniferous and deciduous trees and many old farm buildings. Along the way I’ve taken detours out along every footpath crossing the lane to lakes, along twisting dingles and over lush farmland. Every image in this post has been taken along or beside the lane and is just a selection of what has been made. Being forced to keep it local can be very productive and my carbon footprint extended no further than charging a battery or the time spent in LR and PS processing the images.


Sunset Peas












In the coming weeks I can walk this lane to and from my gallery but there is a slightly shorter and more direct route that will see me covering eighteen miles a day ( on the days I’m timetabled ). The route follows a disused railway line beside the River Severn and is rich in potential. I’ve walked it many times before but I’m really looking forward to this temporary commute and observing late Summer handing over to early Autumn. I will post the images here later in the year.

Hopefully I’ll lose the 20lbs in weight I’ve been meaning to shift too.



Sticky Light to Cross Lane Head

Water Tank

Sweet Chestnut


















Autumn Mist


Shirlett Wood







Evening Sky

Kitchen Garden











Weather approaching


Wild Oats





















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