Long Time No ( well little) See

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Long Time No ( well little) See
















Well it really has been a long time coming but here is my first entry since our move here to Bridgnorth. I simply can’t believe that nearly two years has passed. Photographically things got off to a very slow start for a multitude of reasons but I’m now looking at a growing collection of local images covering all seasons ( not that Winter as I like to know it really happened). Locations include Ironbridge, Bridgnorth, Broseley, Cressage, The Wrekin, Titterstone Clee Hill, The Wyre Forest, Jackfield, Coalbrookdale, Coalport, Weston, Kidderminster, Shrewsbury and so on. I’ve also spent a fair amount of time ( although nowhere near as much time as I’d like to have done) in Snowdonia exploring, photographing and taking clients into the quarries. (New Autumn tours to North Wales and courses based in Shropshire coming soon).








So has my photography changed? Probably not as much as I would have expected ( and liked) because I’ve only done about a third of the amount that I had built up to doing in Scotland. Looking back now I realise that this is a repeat of the pattern that occured when I first moved North in 2004. Arriving in Oban and taking on and changing the business took up a huge of my time for the first two or three years. Sadly by the time we had really got it right and I found myself more free to venture out the recession hit home bringing with it a raft of new problems to try to overcome.  Moving to a new area requires a certain amount of settling in no matter who you are and what you do. While that seem an obvious statement I think for a photographer for whom the majority of work is speculative it’s more apparent. I opted to try and find and take on some music tuition rather than put myself under pressure to find clients and offer them imagery in an area that I had yet to get to know. Having been here for 22 months now I have a much better feel for the rhythms and patterns of nature that I feel I need to help inform my work and so now I can finally get to it. Shropshire and the Welsh Borders offer a wealth of fantastic scenery and from what I’ve seen much of it remains relatively unknown and unphotographed at a high standard. I hope I can do it justice.

Equipment wise little, and a lot, has changed. In Autumn 2012 I sold my workhorse Ebony 45su, I’d been wanting to get a lighter camera for ages but also found myself needing to invest in some new percussion equipment with which to teach. In the end my Ebony sold for a much lower price that I’d hoped and I was faced with the choice of getting either a new Chamonix or some musical instruments to get my teaching started. Fortunately the enforced wait for the camera enabled Chamonix to release a new model with assymetric movements and I’ve been delighted with it since it’s arrival last year.

Now that my mind finally realises I have arrived I think that I find myself in a really good position to start to move forwards and onwards. I am looking forward to what I have planned for later in the year and hopefully for the new images that will result from my efforts.


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  1. Hi Richard,

    I stay in the Falkirk area of Central Scotland and I am a keen amateur photographer and especially enjoy photographing landscapes. I have produced some greetings cards for 4 local shops in my area and these have been 6″ x 4″ photographs stuck on to 7″ x 5″ white card. I would however now like to have some cards produced by a professional printer and was really impressed by the quality of the cards you produce. I have tried some places on the internet and have had some samples printed however the quality of the card is not as good and the card not so thick as your ones. This is a question you may not wish to answer and I would understand if that is the case, but I wonder if you could advise me who your printer is. It may be that the number of cards I want printed will be to small or too expensive to print. However if you could pass this information on to me I would be most grateful , and if not the I understand the reasons for this.

    Regards Fred

    PS I am off on holiday to Harris next week and will be looking for the heart of stone at St Clements Church Rodel. I think your photograph of this is excellent.

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